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A zestful Odyssey!

A week of celebrating Tsunamika!


Tsunamika, in her latest avatar, has taken up the mission of ‘Protecting the Ocean’.


Our Mother Earth has showered us with limitless care and warmth. It is now our time to reciprocate the love.
Let's all come together and make this world a better place.
A Clean Ocean is our
goal, we must start taking steps towards it.

Be a part of the change!


She has become a part of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development since November 2021. She has been working in creating a new narrative around a clean and healthy ocean. Tsunamika’s friends in schools and colleges, creative communities, artists and common people are initiating conversations on the healthy ocean. They are coming together to showcase their work at the Ocean festival, at Bharat Nivas from 12th to 18th July 2022

We invite all the individuals and groups to participate in the Ocean Festival!

The week-long festival will include workshops, talks and many more fun activities!


Click on the Tsunamika above and fill in your details to stay in touch!


A gift of 6 million handmade dolls
across 80 countries!

A living symbol


She is a symbol, a living symbol with her own life.
As her name suggests, she is a child of Tsunami;
The Tsunami that changed the lives of millions. 
She is the memory of Tsunami...


She has been handmade by women,
The women who live by the ocean,
The women whose lives changed forever after the Tsunami,
The women who are exploring a new way of living,
The women who are empowering themselves.

Read her story...

About Upasana

Tsunamika is a project of Upasana Design Studio in, Auroville.
The studio runs many development projects around India.
While Upasana constantly plays host to visitors and volunteers, its aim has always remained the same: To create a space in which professionals and students from all around the world may come to realize their full creative potential, both in design and in life.

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