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Receive Tsunamika as a Gift!

We have gifted more than 6 million dolls across 80 countries!
Discover the joy of giving!


The Tsunamika doll comes to you unconditionally.

  • She is always gifted.

  • There is no price tag.

  • She is a gift for you and your loved ones.

  • You may order as many as you wish!

  • If you want to receive Tsunamika please contact your nearest ambassador or write to us directly.

  • This is an initiative to spread the joy of giving!


Many ways to participate
There are many ways you can participate in this project:

  • Give children Tsunamika and tell them her story, this is the most important way

  • Unconditionally receive her; unconditionally share her

  • Use Tsunamika in creative ways

  • Share who you are, send us a small note, picture, poem, your thoughts or acts of compassion inspired by Tsunamika

  • Volunteer to be a Tsunamika Ambassador at your school, work, state or country

  • Join the project team - contact us

  • Like our Facebook Page


This project is entirely run by donations we receive. All donations go to supporting the lives of women who are making these dolls.​​

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