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Tsunamika in a Singapore School

On 4/11/06 at 2:16 PM Tan Cher Chong < wrote:


Dear Friends

You might be interested to know that we've had an interesting event last Friday.

Throughout the whole of last week, our pupils got to read snippets on Tsunamika and there were posters asking "Who is Tsunamika?" pasted around the school. Then on Friday 7 Apr, International Friendship Day, we revealed the identity of Tsunamika and pupils were asked to go back to class and write on or to Tsunamika.

I have also attached some pictures, hope you can receive them.
Cher Chong
Damai Sec Sch

Damai's Mission: To work as a cohesive team with stakeholders, valuing and nurturing everyone to be caring, responsible and all-rounded lifelong learners, committed to giving their best to the community.


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