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Tsunamika, the child of Ocean born during Tsunami, is calling you to help her clean the Ocean 

 21st September, 2019 - National Costal Clean Up Day 

#TsunamikaSaveOcean                                        #AWaveOfChange

Over one million seabirds are killed by ocean pollution each year. Overfishing is reducing fish population, threatening the supply of nutritious food and changing marine food chains. Approximately 80 percent of the pollution in the oceans comes from land, and coastal zones are especially vulnerable to pollutants. The biggest sources of pollution in the ocean are septic tanks, plastic waste, trash, oil spills, toxic waste, farms waste, and industrial waste, etc. Fishes are crying out that humans have turned their beautiful homes to a trash can. The waste is killing the fish and other sea animals, and destroying the ecosystem of oceans at a rapid speed.


We, humans need to remind ourselves that if oceans will die, we will die with them, because most of the oxygen that we breathe comes from ocean. Ocean gives us food, and 80 percent of the earth’s biodiversity is hosted in the depths of the oceans. Oceans influence our health and well-being. They regulate climate change, provide renewable energy and medicines, and livelihood.

Tsunamika, a living symbol of hope, who brought hope to millions of people during the aftermaths of Tsunami in 2004, would like to thank you for participating in her journey and for spreading the spirit of Tsunamika in your circle of influence.

And now Tsunamika is on a new path. In her new journey, she is going to seek your help in the cause of ocean conservation and ocean health. Because a healthy ocean makes healthy people.

We look forward to your continued support for Tsunamika as she becomes the voice of ocean conservation.

Join Tsunamika’s New Journey Today. We Live because Ocean Lives.

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