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Tsunamika in a School in Pamplona, Spain

Tsunamika travels all over the world and makes new friends wherever she goes. Like these children from Pampalona in Spain. With all of her new friends, Tsunamika wants to share her love. 

The children welcome Tsunamika to their country and give her a home in their hearts, far away from where she was born. Together, the children have a lot of fun playing with Tsunamika and learning about where she comes from.

Her new friends like Tsunamika’s story very much. They want to tell it to more people so that they too could learn from it and become her friend. So, to help them tell others about her, they made beautiful drawings and other artworks about the little girl who came from the ocean.

After that, the children even made a small theatre where they could place their pictures in. And now everyone they know can look at the pictures, while the children tell them all about Tsunamika’s wonderful story.


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