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Tsunamika's 10th Birthday Celebrations

Tsunamika's 10th birthday celebration on 10th of January 2015 at Bharat Nivas, Auroville has been a great success. Thank you to all visitors, volunteers and supporters.


We had more than 2500 people joining us, 50 stalls which, apart from Auroville, came from 3 states (Karnataka , Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry). The theatre play in the evening by ISIS teatteri from Finland was breathtaking for many of us.  We had live Twitter and Facebook upload on the spot during the day, which made it possible for many people outside Auroville to follow the event. 


Here you can find more pictures from the event: Facebook photo album: Tsunamika's 10th birthday.


Coastal Yatra

Tsunamika is taking a new avatar to rebuild the deep connection we have with our environment and fellow human beings. To kick off Tsunamika's 10th anniversary, the little doll went on a coastal yatra and stopped in 4 villages.

The yatra was undertaken on Thursday, 8th of January 2015, by the team behind Tsunamika, the Upasana Design Studio, in coordination with NGO PondyCAN, the Department of Science, Technology and Environment, Puducherry and the National Coastal Protection Campaign.

Also helping Tsunamika were the teams from Komali MeDi Clown Academy and Svaram in Auroville, who performed a short musical play on the importance of protecting the coast and marine environment.


Media coverage of Tsunamika's 10th birthday






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