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What if we told you skipping a cup of coffee for one day could help save the Ocean?

Yes! you read it right ! A menial sum of Rs. 50 once could help contribute to the larger community of Ocean heroes.

Take this pledge and participate on the clean ocean drive .

“ I pledge for myself, my friends and my family, to protect the ocean and make it free from plastic. I choose to take mindful actions that align with creating a better ocean for us and for every living being around us. “

1. Support the Clean Ocean Drive by contributing Rs. 50 only.

2. Register/Follow us to be in touch. Upload a post mentioning "I HAVE TAKEN THE PLEDGE FOR CLEAN OCEAN" and Tag @tsunamika_ on instagram and use #theoceanfestival #thepledgetaken

3. Receive The clean ocean drive certificate supported by Tsunamika.

4. Follow these!

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