Tsunamika's Story

She emerged as a response to the devastation brought about by the Tsunami of December 26th, 2004. Initiated by the international township of Auroville, on the southern coast of India, as a way of healing and transforming the trauma caused, hundreds of fisherwomen were trained to make little dolls out of left-over fabric.

The little doll called Tsunamika, became very popular among those who received her as a gift and thus she became a new livelihood option for the women who were making her. Now Tsunamika reaches households in many nations through a network of volunteers as a symbol of joy, hope and unconditional giving. She is a beloved friend to children and adults alike. This is her story.

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A Poem

She is a symbol, a living symbol with her own life.

As her name suggests, she is a child of tsunami;
The tsunami that changed the lives of millions.
She is the memory of Tsunami...

She has been hand-made by women,
The women who live by the ocean,
The women whose lives changed forever after the tsunami,
The women who are exploring a new way of living,
The women who are empowering themselves.
Tsunamika is an expression of their creative fire;
Through Tsunamika they enter a new & wider world.

She is made out of bits and pieces of cloth
Left over from other works;
Made from what is known as waste.
There is nothing called waste in Nature,
Everything has its creative role.
Everything can be living & beautiful,
As Tsunamika is …

She is a living message,
A message of a new way of living
In which Life is respected.
A message of the Oneness of Life
In which love has a place.
A message of the sacredness of life
In which we can celebrate, together.

And life can be very simple
Like Tsunamika is.
She is our beloved.
She has touched many lives.
Now, she is here.
With you!